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With the World Cup Final just around the corner, sports enthusiasts are eager to place their wagers on their favorite teams to win. However, accurately predicting the winners for the final three might be easier said than done. The same goes for real money slots games; finding useful betting strategies for winning in slots is no small feat, but are attainable with a little study and practice. We’re bringing you our tried and tested sports betting and slots game tips!



The best way to develop an effective betting strategy in order to making accurate sports predictions is to familiarize yourself with the players and teams. In football, as with any sport, odds are made for each team prior to a match-up based on the strength of the players combined with a team’s past performance in a season in terms of win/loss percentage. If a team is better than its opponent is, their odds of winning are higher than 50%. You will receive less money when betting on a team that has a higher probability of winning, and more for winning on a team favored to lose.

Knowledge is power, and the more you know about a team or a casino game and its payout percentage, the better you can gauge if it is worth making a wager in the first place. Follow the house edge for real money slots games, whether land-based or online, and pay attention to the payouts and jackpots listed for each game. Never play on slots machine that has a high house edge.



There are two odds systems used when betting in football, which are American and European. American odds utilize +/- symbols, whereas European odds use a decimal.

For example, if the odds for a given team to win is 2.0 (using the European system), and you wager $10, you will get $20 in return. Using the American system, the same bet for the same team would be marked as +100; and you would get the same amount in return. Where it gets tricky is the minus numbers (-). In this case, -100 would also give you a total $20 return, but -200 would only give you a $5 profit (or $15 total in return).

This might seem confusing, but to keep track all you need to remember is the higher the odds (e.g. +300), the greater the probability of losing (you receive a higher payout if your selected team wins). If the odds number is lower (e.g. -450) the greater the probability of winning (you receive a lower payout if your selected team wins).



If you are following a fantasy league and have kept track of your team’s performance, you can accurately begin to predict odds with a little help online. When you are trying to determine how much of you bankroll you should wager for each game, we recommend using “the Kelly strategy”. It factors what percentage of your bankroll you should wager on a given matchup in order to maximize profit. There are variations of the Kelly, and these are Full Kelly, Fractional Kelly and Constant Kelly, and more information on how to perform the Kelly strategy can be found online.



When it comes to real money slots games, although it might seem difficult at first to develop and effective betting strategy since slots games rely on random number generators (RNGs), you can still maximize your winning potential based on two factors.

  1. A) Establish your bankroll and always bet max coins in order to earn the highest possible payout for winnings.
  2. B) Keep track of your win-loss ratio for a given period for each slot game. As with football predictions and betting, over time you can calculate which slots games reward you better than the rest.

There you have it! Time to put those betting systems to the test to win real money!

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