Sports Betting Fever Grips Africa!

Football is what keeps the world breathing. And, with FIFA world cup fever gripping the whole world, how can Africa remain aloof. The whole African continent witnessed a historical moment when three African nations qualified for the world cup. It is just a matter time when there will be the world cup winner for them.

Already the football infrastructure is witnessing a huge turnaround in the African nations. But with that, the legalization of actual betting too played role in the popularizing the sports.

With betting giants like Betway investing billions in the sports infrastructure, people are slowly turning towards the sports. As a sports bettor, you don’t just rely on luck today. Instead, you have access to everything from free football betting tips and predictions, to ensure that you make the right betting decisions.

Sports Betting Was Popular this World Cup

This FIFA world cup, for instance, broke all records in terms of betting. The whole of Africa is gripped in the betting fever. Who hates cheering the favorite team along with making some money. The people from all walks of life put money for their team’s win. According to the recent reports, the gambling industry in Africa is worth millions.

Earlier, the continent saw the similar phenomenon during la Liga and other tournaments. There are different gambling companies which have invested heavily in this field. Sportpesa, a gambling company, allows users to bet on their mobile phone. What is more impressive is that the bet starts from just a few dollars and also in a number of currencies.

So, someone can bet for just a few grands and hope for the jackpot.  Additionally, you can bet on all your favorite sports, from football, hockey to even cricket and more right from the comfort of your home, which makes it a bettors’ paradise.

The Top Things to Take a Note Of

The betting fever is a welcome sign for the African youth. Now, there are a good many reasons for this – the African economy is on a rise in the last few years, and African youth have access to more money than ever.

With betting being legalized, they now spend some of their time in placing bets. Different websites offer real-life poker games, card games, and the ability to bet on one’s favorite sports. As a sports bettor though, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind.

  • Gamble responsibly

Youngsters can lose more money than winning. Many African nations are still new to the legal gambling and some have unclear regulations. Gamble only that amount of money you can lose and no more.

  • Keep in Note the Gambling Regulations

If you are betting from outside Africa, do note the legislations that will apply to you while you are betting.

  • Know which website you are betting on

Do note that not all betting websites are legal.

While the sports betting experience can definitely be rewarding, you need trustworthy sites like Betway to bet on. However, do note that gambling addiction is something that needs to be kept in check.


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