Where to Spend a Magic Honeymoon: 5 Exotic Islands

Where to Spend a Magic Honeymoon: 5 Exotic Islands
A wedding trip marks the honeymoon – the beginning of married life. Memories of it will stay with you forever, and the stronger the feelings, the bigger your desire to spend your honeymoon in some truly heavenly place. We’ve put together a list of five islands and archipelagoes that perfectly fit for an exotic honeymoon.


The Indonesian island of Bali is an excellent spot for a honeymoon. In addition to its beautiful landscapes, it’s less expensive than some island in the Pacific, thanks to cheaper air tickets. That’s why Bali is one of the favorite destinations for Russian and Ukrainian girls. If you’re thinking about going to Bali, check out the Amankila Resort, located in the coastal forests. It’s an exotic location with a three-level pool and a beautiful view of the water. It’s the perfect place to start a new life with your loved one and make a couple of good pictures for your Instagram.
Bali is very hospitable, especially to those, who spend a honeymoon here. Helpful maids and friendly waiters, delicious food and relaxing spa, white beaches, and quiet evenings under the starry sky will make you wish to stay in Bali forever.


Next on the list of exotic honeymoon destinations is Fiji, an island in the same-named Pacific archipelago, united into a same-named state. Try the local pickled fish and listen to romantic Fijian songs to feel the spirit of these islands with their endless sunny beaches and thick thickets of tropical trees and mountain streams. If you’re tired of feeling asphalt under your feet, go here on one of the desolate islands to feel the fine white sand and the gentle caress of crystal clear ocean water.

The Maldives

If you are looking for secluded, remote, and most exotic honeymoon destinations, one of the atolls of the Maldives will be the best choice for you. Romantic dinner under the starry sky, and walks along the bridges lined with candles will make you forget that you have another, everyday life with jobs, friends, and daily routine. Here, thousands of miles from your noisy city, almost on the edge of the world, you’ll get to know each other even better. It’s hard to find a more romantic place than the Maldives.
Dive to see the coral reefs and the rest of the underwater fauna of this country, have a picnic on a desert island under the palm trees and relax in the spa. The best thing about The Maldives is that it’s one of the places you can visit in winter.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is another paradise, but this time in French Polynesia. Honeymoon in a bungalow on the water in the middle of the boundless Pacific Ocean under the same boundless sky will transform your trip into an unforgettable journey. It’s hard to find exotic honeymoon locations like this. Breakfast delivered in a canoe, a bath of coconut milk, live Polynesian music, catamaran trips – all this you can get just by booking a flight to Bora Bora. If you want, you can even hold a wedding ceremony here. Local firms have considerable experience in this.


The island of Tahiti is another place lost in French Polynesia. Just imagine: none of your friends, neighbors, relatives, or coworkers will most likely ever visit this place. But you and your loved one will if you choose the island of Tahiti as a honeymoon destination. Here, you’ll find everything a married couple needs – quiet villages, beaches, and bungalows at the very edge of the water. Add the famous Polynesian spa, boat rides, and the hospitality of the locals – and you get one of the most exotic places for a honeymoon. All this will leave unforgettable impressions. Adventure lovers will appreciate underwater tours to sunken ships, swimming with dolphins, and traveling around the island by a jet ski. You’ll never forget your honeymoon in Tahiti.

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