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picture of the new nigerian jersey
picture of the new nigerian jersey

A Jersey according to Wikipedia “is an item of knitted clothing, traditionally in wool or cotton, with sleeves, worn as a pullover, as it does not open at the front, unlike a cardigan’. These are worn mostly by competitive sports teams of which you can bet on wherever or whenever you want. You can get the best odds to bet on regardless of your sport of choice at anytime.

American Sportswear giant Nike, recently unveiled the new Nigeria jersey in New York and many have given their opinions on Twitter. The reviews so far have been very positive and we wish them the best in whatever competition they compete in with the jersey. We will now take a little bit of history of the jersey and why it is used today.

The Jersey is not an old concept, it has a little over 100 years of history to its name. Players before used to play in their birth suit. Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (1778-1852) known as “Father of Gymnastics”, opened an open-air gymnasium in the year 1811. Gymnasts wear grey linen uniform clothing and by the late 19th century, they started wearing cotton clothing. There were so many teams and players, so it became imperative to dye the shirts in different colors. Numbers were embroidered on them to distinguish players from each other.


Tottenham hotspur jersey

The jersey along with the badge on is the epitome of the identity of a sports club. The designs made on it and the information found on it talks about the history of a club at first glance for people to understand it. The colors a jersey is made with is also important because it says a lot. A particular color can be used to recognize most club and some derive their nicknames from it. Clubs like Mamelodi Sundowns is known as ‘The Brazilians’. Meanwhile, Chelsea football club of England is known as the ‘Blues’ due to the color of their jerseys.

Players will defend a clubs color(s) no matter what and teams like Real Madrid must always have a white kit in every football season likewise Chelsea who is synonymous with blue or Manchester United who are nicknamed the Red Devils. This is what differentiate clubs from one another and make them proud of their history.


Governing bodies in the world of sports give guidelines about the details found on a jersey. Like the font of the player names, the size of the logo and the rest. This helps to make the jerseys uniform in a sense and keeps designers of sportswear in check. Also, there are guidelines to help players when they are on the pitch. These are designs expected on a jersey to improve aeration and not impede a players performance.

Acts as a Motivation

Donning a particular teams jersey serves as a form of motivation for players. The fact that they identify with the color of their jersey and are fighting for a common cause helps to spur players on during matches. The fans too help with the way they color a stadium by wearing their club’s colors to support the team and give the players confidence.


A nice fitting jersey also makes players look good. They pride themselves towards their clubs by wearing jerseys to compliment their clubs color. These are little things that help sports personnel to do what they do best, compete.

Equality among players of the same team

It helps to clear the differences between teams that might be obvious if the jersey is not being worn. These help to create a harmonious setting and helps the team be more bonded which translate to players competing.

Togetherness and Unity

There is a sense of togetherness among players who believe they are fighting for the colors of a team. This unity helps them to achieve a particular goal. All sports team wear jerseys today to also help differentiate them from other teams during a competition. Teams today are easily discerned by looking at their jerseys while competing and people can now bet on them.

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