You may ask yourself, why do I lose all the time? Greed is currently the biggest factor as to why you lose the majority of the bets you place to date. Why is that so? Many are so impatient and in a hurry to make money they end up losing the little money they have. We made mention of the single bets being better than the accumulators’ strategy last week in our blog, you can read about it here. To make more profits when you place a bet and how you go about it we decided to write about the “Rollover”. This is a strategy employed by the enlightened and requires patience, because patience, is needed to implement it.

image of an implemented rollover system

What is Rollover?

Rollover is when you use your winnings from previous days to play for a consecutive number of days before you cash-out and start again. A punter starts initially with a stake which grows with each win and after a set number of days has passed the profit is removed and the whole process repeated with the initial stake. Depending on your target profit and initial stake, the number of days ranges from at least 4 days to not more than 7 days. It is always advisable to limit the days to avoid losing the profits you’ve accumulated by playing safe.

Making money is the goal, but you must not lose sight of the reality of things which are inevitable. Losses are bound to come but with careful planning and selection, one can keep the rate low. The percentage of losses on a punter’s return can be reduced to the bare minimum ensuring profits. Slow and steady profits with the rollover betting strategy area better than the constant losses that accumulator is bound to bring. The probability of an accumulator bet been won diminishes with every football event added to a single bet ticket. The temptation to add another game and a little more odds is great but one must endeavour to resist it.

Why should you implement the rollover system?

All that accumulators do is enrich the already filled purses of sport betting companies. So that is where a good rollover strategy is invaluable to those who implement it. The best reason why you should implement it should be because of the fact you can make use of the cash at the set date. To achieve this you must be disciplined so that you can reach the target you set for yourself. You can read more about the rollover betting strategy through this link. Professionals use this method to make money and only those who are desperate continually use the accumulators betting type. This leads to only more losses and the goal of every punter is to make money, not lose it. This is not to say the accumulator bet does not have its own risks, but with careful planning, the profits will surpass the loss.

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