Accumulators: Is it the best option?

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An accumulators bet

For most people, accumulators are the best option when they plan on placing bets on sports events. Winning accumulator bet is not easy as it requires a lot of work. A lot of attention to details and adequate research from the punter is needed and is still no guarantee of winning. The truth is that accumulators are the hardest form of bet types to win. With each additional team added to boost the odds, the chances of winning the ticket diminish. Accumulators, in short, are a long shot, which only draws people interest because of the reward it promises.

Despite experiencing heavy losses, accumulated over months or years of trying to win, some will still try. Some get to the point where they realise it is a lost cause while remain ignorant. Many are drawn to it because of greed and others are just addicts who enjoy the thrill and anticipation involved. This is because they derive joy in waiting for events contained in a ticket to play. These are addicts who enjoy the adrenaline rush and don’t care for the money they lose while betting.

Why people still prefer accumulators

Stories of people who have won millions using accumulators have driven people to like that betting strategy. Furthermore, the challenge of their proficiency in the prediction of the outcome of several matches is what drives some. Oftentimes, they end up losing because a team or two lost to spoil a particular ticket consisting of 40 matches. Most fail to realise that the matches accumulated were the cause of the ticket not winning. They think they’ll be luckier next time around instead. Next time become every day and the story keeps repeating itself.

Many even rack up heavy debts in the process of trying to win using accumulators. The lucky ones do win when the one billion to 1 chance comes around for a ticket of 30-40 matches. That’s the exception and not the rule and only a few get that chance. Many of those who do win, have also either lost the equivalent or more of what they won previously.

The best strategy to employ

Betting should be approached as an investment and like all investments, a strategy should be devised to ensure a profit. A strategy to reduce losses which are sure to come, considering the market one has chosen to enter is the best. Reduced losses equal increase in profits and that can only be achieved when there is a system to one’s betting. Many experts believe that the best option is with the use of single bets over a period of time which when analysed, reveals small but steady profit if implemented properly. You can check out this article why do I never win bets? on our blog to know more.

Single bets have proven to be a lifesaver for many people who are interested in betting. Choosing one bet type and sticking to it helps you with knowing how things will go overtime in different matches or leagues. Just choosing a particular league and bet type helps in recognising a pattern with time. This requires a lot of time, skill and patience but has proven to be rewarding practise for experts. With time and careful consideration, one can add more leagues and bet types to one’s knowledge base. But being proficient at one is valuable as that will act as the foundation for further expansion.

Where you can get good predictions

You can also employ the help of prediction sites one of which can be accessed through here. The prediction we provide is the best if you have chosen to stick with single bets. you can also accumulate but the matches pair together should be small to reduce the chance of losing a ticket. These are predictions provided after adequate research and by professionals. Our predictions have been tracked and have a win rate of over 75%. Many bet winners employ the help of prediction sites but one also has to be careful. Many are out to scam punters who don’t know to check the integrity of a site. We have a facebook page where we can be reached and our number can also be seen on our homepage. We can be reached either through calls or Whatsapp on it.


In conclusion, accumulators are not reliable and the fact that people employ it is why many are in debts. The application of the single bet strategy is tried and tested, and has proven to be effective but requires a lot of discipline and patience. This is because at first it will seem like there is no profit but that changes over time. Immediate gratification should be avoided because it only causes more harm than good in the long run.

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