Why do I Never win my Bets?

So, you’ve been gambling endlessly but seldom win anything substantial? You’re not alone. More people lose when betting. It’s regrettable but also necessary to keep the industry alive. Of course, everyone wishes they made profits while gambling.

But unless you’re a lucky person or you’re skilled at betting, any money you wager on bookie sites will usually end in losses. It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

Whether you gamble on sports strictly or you also do a few slots and poker, you can eliminate unnecessary losses. You can also maximize your profits, which is something you want to put more focus on.

To help you reduce your gambling losses, we’ve compiled a guide of five things you probably do that cause your losses.

#1: You spend little time Analyzing Matches

If you place football wagers without analyzing teams; it might be the reason you lose most of your bets. Let’s say when you see a match between a giant club like Barcelona against a small team; you back Barcelona to win without doing any further research.

That’s wrong on all accounts. First off, each football match is unique. It could be a competitive La Liga game or a friendly game in which Barca have lined up their youth team. Although Barcelona could defeat plenty of teams with its youth side, it might not be wise to assume it will win.

Instead, you need to analyze each betting match individually. You must understand the teams facing off, their strengths, and their weaknesses. Find out about each team’s records and decide which team has the higher chance of winning.

#2: You Disregard Odds

In online casinos, gamblers evaluate the odds of winning games like slots and Blackjack by examining each game’s house edge. Players pick games with the least house edge because it means the odds of winning that game leans in their favor.

In sports, each betting market comes with unique odds. But unless you pay attention to them, you might end up betting on the wrong odds. What does that mean? Let’s explain by reviewing the game between Man City and Tottenham at the beginning of this season.

Although City was at home and in better form, Spurs are a top side with sharp strikers. That means both teams came to the match with high odds of scoring each other. The teams also had records of outscoring each other with multiple goals.

So, for you to bet on the match to be a low scoring one because the wager attracts excellent odds, you’d be disregarding more valuable odds. A better way to bet on the game would have to analyze the match. And once you predict a high-scoring match, find great goal-goal or OVER2.5 odds.

#3: You bet on Untrustworthy Casinos

Ever heard of gambling sites that cancel your football bets when you’re about to win? Others let you win but refuse to process your withdrawals. Maybe your issue is that you wager on casinos that offer too little odds and high house edge games.

If you gamble in a casino that always seems to frustrate you, find a better company. You can find a good gambling website regardless of where you live. In the UK, brands like William Hill, Bet365, Betway, and 888 Casino allow you to participate in all forms of gambling. Some of the companies mentioned above also offer their services overseas.

In Canada, visit online casinos that openly accept Canadians. That’s because not every bookmaker allows North American players. Around the world, you can gamble in locally registered companies or find a foreign gaming site that accepts players from your country.

But to ensure you don’t fall for illegal websites, find a way to identify genuine casinos. Read online reviews and join sites with overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. On the other hand, avoid bookmakers with a poor reputation.

#4: You don’t follow any Strategies

There are numerous variables in gambling, some of which can mess up your betting career. At times, the absence of one player could affect how a team performs. At other times, it could be something related to you like doubling your bets when betting on a team you love.

A proven strategy can help you stick to your betting budget. It can guide you on when to gamble and when to fold in poker. It could also help you pick matches and casino games better because you have a guide telling you what you should look out for when gambling.

If you don’t have a gambling strategy, look for one tailored to suit the kinds of games you play. Blackjack, for example, has a basic playing strategy every gambler should know about. In slots, there’s also a unique way to pick slot machines and manage your bankroll.

#5: You let Emotions Control your wagers

In gambling, emotions could be your worst enemy. They’ll give you believe odds professionals can’t look at twice are great. They’ll convince you to double your wagers where you shouldn’t or make you doubt your research.

The only time your emotions are helpful is when celebrating a win. But before you gamble, you want to research and place bets without considering what the game means to you. It’s probably also not a good idea to be greedy.

A little bit of greed can motivate you to find better odds, but it shouldn’t be the reason you assemble 20 wagers in a single ACCA bet. You stand to win millions in such a wager, but the odds of winning are lower than hitting a small jackpot.

To Conclude

Losing in gambling is not a new thing. Most people who engage in sports betting, slots, and card games lose at times. That’s not even an issue. The problem is to lose consistently because you don’t gamble well.

Maybe you don’t have a strategy, or you involve your emotions when picking games. Use the tips shared above to help minimize your losses and instead maximize your wins.

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