Avoid losing in Sports Betting

image of money won from betting
image of money won from betting

Betting countless times before you win if you are into sports betting is not the best thing. That kind of resilience will only get you deep into more debts as time goes on. Especially if you try to chase your losses with you in an emotional state. The truth is that without the right plan it is not advisable to go into betting at all. Here we take a look at all the things that can be done to change one’s fortune when betting:

Get an estimate of what you’ve lost

If you’ve been losing a lot to sports betting and it seems like there is nowhere to turn, it is often good to make an overall assessment of what you’ve been doing so far before making any further decisions. Getting a sense of where you are and where you will like to be is a good way to start. So try to get an estimate of the amount you’ve won (if any) and the amount you have lost. This helps to put things in perspective and helps you make better decisions moving forward.

Change your Stake amount

Changing the stake amount you normal bet with is also very important and very beneficial. The Wariness you feel helps you to be smarter with your betting choices. Increase your stake only when it is the smart choice and reduce it when necessary. This will help you to make profits when you’re sure of a tip and less disappointed when you’re not.

Be wary of live betting

Live betting is a tricky thing because it presents you with the best and worst of circumstances at the same time. Some of the odds available doesn’t show the full picture and one must be very careful. As we all know the outcome of a match can change in a moment and so do odds. So be careful to watch matches while placing bets on them. I would advise you read this post to be able to make sound intelligent decisions when placing live bets.

Stick with a Bookie

Many people jump from one bookmaker to the other in the hope of changing their fortune because they haven’t won. Some feel they don’t have luck with one bookmaker and move to the next. This makes you lose valuable time trying to get familiar with each one, especially if one is into live betting, if you’re not familiar with the UI, it might cause a problem. Let me tell you a secret, the problem is not with the bookie but with you. The fact that you make a bad prediction based on emotional attachment to a team or little research means you are more than likely to lose than win. That is why it is important to do research before staking on any tip. If you need a recommendation with a bookie to stick with and offers the best odds this site is the way to go.

Change Tactics

If you’re the type of punter that prefers accumulators, changing to single bets is in your best interest. At least for the time being, to get the feeling of winning back again. This actually reduces the probability of your ticket losing significantly when you bet on a single team. Choosing a team with a certain odd and staking high on it has more merit compared with staking low on a ticket with over 40 teams on it.

Have a little Restraint

Like we mentioned, having an estimate of the amount you have lost to bookies will help restrain you when next you want to bet. Don’t just throw money away based on gut feelings but bet with a sound judgement based on facts.

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