How To Successfully Predict And Win Live Bets

When it comes to sports betting, skillful prediction of live matches can yield excellent results and create a good profit. Nonetheless, it’s a two-way road that can worsen your prediction history, given that you need to be hasty while betting. Some players use prediction statistics to improve their winning chances like in pre-match bets, but that doesn’t guarantee you a win. That’s why we’ve gathered this definitive bettor’s guide to help you get better at predicting and winning live games.

Choosing A Bookmaker

In live betting, choosing the right bookmaker is highly important. That’s because you’ll want a bookmaker with a wide array of live events, direct video broadcasts, and high-quality statistics. Of course, it’s up to you to pick the bookie that seems to have the best offers. However, we can recommend Betway from the other competitors as it has great odds, an enormous array of live events and a user-friendly interface for wagering fast.

Best Markets To Wager On Live Events

When wagering on live football matches, there are a couple of markets worth trying as they’re quite easy to predict with the right knowledge and strategy. These markets include:

  • 1X2 – While this is the most popular market for both pre-match and live bets, it’s not ideal for everyone. The punter’s main advantage over the bookie is that he can see how the game is going, including the team that looks physically better, the attacking side, and the stronger defense system. All that information can help you predict and win Betway Live bets, though you’ll need to make decisions momentarily.
  • Over/Under – A personal favorite for many punters, this market is easier to predict while watching a game since you can see the frequency of attacks on both sides. The more the attacks on both sides, the more the goals you can expect.

Tips To Successfully Predict Live Bets

  1. The choice of the match is essential – Most inexperienced punters make the mistake of wagering on too many events trying to increase their possible winnings. However, it’s virtually impossible to predict dozens of matches every weekend correctly.
  2. Sympathies away – In live betting, it crucial to avoid sympathizing with a team than in pre-match bets. Recreational punters often make the mistake of favoring their favorite teams while betting, despite no reasonable arguments to do that.
  3. Speed of reaction – Live betting is all about choosing the right time to place the wager before the odds decrease. It’s not an easy task to accomplish, but with time, you’ll learn to analyze matches and speculate based on the value of the odds.
  4. Rely on Analysis and not luck – While it’s hard to be successful without luck, relying on analysis is what will make you a successful punter in the long run. As such, you need to thoroughly analyze the players in a game, their reflex and calmness while playing.
  5. Probation Period – Before you seriously start to predict live games, try predicting results for some time without money as a probation period. If possible, start by noting the results of your progress and see whether live bets will work for you in the long-run.

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