Leo Messi: The Best

leo messi posing with the awards he received at FIFA the best gala.

There are few individual accolades that can be pointed at that Leo Messi hasn’t won. Until yesterday, FIFA the best award was one of such awards. Having failed to win it since the split from France football’s Ballon D’or in 2017. He won the award after beating off competition from Virgil van Dijk and Cristiano Ronaldo. This was in recognition of a superb individual season by any standards whatsoever. A season marred only by the result of the last two matches in cup competitions.

On an individual level no one was close to him and some still feel he doesn’t deserve it. Despite having the most goals in the most recognised continental competition on the planet. He had the most goals in La liga and 51 goals in total last season, the most of any player. In addition, he also has the most assists, man of the man awards and won La Liga. The only thing people remember from last season is the second leg of the semi-final clash with Liverpool. Forgetting the breathtaking performance from the first leg and the fact that he created chances his teammates failed to convert in the second leg.

The truth is that, if any other player on the planet was in the same position. Contrary to what many are saying now no one would argue he deserves the award. But the bar has been set so high by the genius of this man. That any season not resembling extraordinary by his standards is considered mediocre. Many believe he is a victim of his own brilliance and this writer believes so.

The reality…

The Fifa best awards are in recognition of individual performances over the course of a year. Many feel that Virgil van Dijk should be recognised for this. The truth is that despite his superb performances last season, he was not on Leo Messi’s level. He was a part of an excellent system albeit an important one.

Leo Messi has proven time and time again that he is the best of this generation. Many also consider him the best football player to ever grace the beautiful game. He has certainly done enough to be included in that argument with the likes of Diego Maradona and Pele. That is saying something for someone who is still active and has extra years ahead to stay on top.

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