Real Betis New Signing Alex Moreno: Profile

Alexandre Moreno Lopera is an exciting Spanish left-back who has just signed for Real Betis.

Alex was born in the Catalan capital of Barcelona, and he was signed to their youth team in 2011. This was a big moment in the young Catalan’s life, getting to put on the famous shirt and represent the club that many people feel is the Catalan’s national team. Though he was a regular starter throughout the season, and he was popular with his coaches, Barcelona released him from his contract at the end of his first season.

The Spanish Journeyman

This set-back began a journey for Alex that developed his skills, as well as his character. He joined the Spanish Segunda Division B club Llagostera next and played for them for a full season, scoring twice after playing nearly 1,400 minutes across all games.

This stamina and skill got him noticed by a number of clubs, who could see that his quality and composure was suited to a bigger club in a bigger league, and he moved on to the island club of Mallorca who had just been relegated to Segunda Division B and were looking to bounce right back up to the next level themselves.

Here Alex excelled once again, scoring twice in twenty-seven games, which is a good return for a defensive player. Mallorca didn’t get the success they wanted from the season, but Alex stood out from the crown once again and earned a move to the bigger club Real Sociedad.

Stepping Up to La Liga

When Alex made his signing to Real Sociedad, he made the jump into La Liga that his talent and ability had been craving for a few seasons.

He quickly became one to watch for the Real Sociedad faithful, as his competence and confidence on the ball, as well as some well-timed tackles, set him apart from the average young player. His position as a left-back also got him some attention.

The left back role is difficult for many players, but Alex felt naturally at home in the position. He is good with both feet but has a preference for his left, and his energy and stamina mean he can work the whole wing and support attacks in the opposition half, and still get back to defend if the opponents manage to counter.

Alex made more than 120 appearances in Real Sociedad’s first team over four seasons, and netted himself 8 goals, maintaining his record of two goals a season from left-back.

Real Betis Make an Offer

Alex was reportedly happy at Real Sociedad, but many in his circle felt that the player and club had gone as far together as they could and he needed to make a change for the betterment of his career.

The deal with Betis took some time to iron out, with both sides having a number of clauses and concerns to negotiate before Alex made the switch to Real Betis. He was one of a number of important signings they made, including a three-year sponsorship deal with easyMarkets, an online Forex trader. Maybe easyMarkets could see the value in signing a player like Alex Moreno, and helped their new football partners make the investment in this coveted left-back. This deal worth two million euros a year will help provide the club with commercial stability.

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