Online Betting and Predictions: A Convenience or Shortcut.

Traditionally, betting has been around for centuries even before the invention of the internet. There was a time before you could stake on any kind of bet, you need to go to the bookie’s shop or a casino.

Millennials might find it hard to believe but the internet brought the opportunity of participation in betting closer to your fingertips. Internet coupled with 70% of the world population getting access to smartphones. The betting industry is valued to be around USD 104.31 billion in 2017
and is expected to reach approximately USD 155.49 billion by 2024 from GLOBE NEWSWIRE.

Accessibility and Ubiquitousness of betting from bet shops in recent past to the fingertip of a smartphone owner have come with its a huge opportunity and liability. The liability is what the government don’t want; the Government don’t want their citizens to be poor as it put a lot of responsibility on them.

Government and Online Gaming

Different government, different rules with different disposition to different situation. Some government are already taking this industry seriously because they see a huge potential and more taxation. what makes government more interested than tax?

In other places, the Government has been reluctant to sanction, make rules and guidelines for online betting. In fact, if not until recently that we have had a turn up on the part of the government in places like New Jersey to sports online in NJ. This attitude change has brought about fast growth in the industry and a huge investment with it.

Opportunity for Individuals

In our earlier discussion, we talk about the government coming in to regulate as they always do. As an individual, I hear you ask what is in it for me?

There is an opportunity for everyone from the investor with the money to set up and get gaming license to the man that just want to stake and win.

If you are just starting out, I will recommend you read this article on top football gambling tips. Likewise, if you are an old-time gambler but new to the football world. Familiarise yourself with the sport with top news sites like Sky Sport, BBC Sport and GOAL.

Online betting gave birth to the online Prediction industry. The prediction industry is booming and doing well both for itself. Punters finally get worldwide access to tipsters around the world.

To an extent, online gaming makes winning more easier. All you need to do to get the best available predictions or outcome on any certain event is to do a google search. Google always does the magic and bring to you exactly what you need.

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