The Top Football Gambling Tips

Sports betting is the most popular form of gambling. There are a lot of sports fans around the world.  The exhilarating experience which they get from wagering has increased the rate of sports betting. It is estimated that the sports betting industry is worth between 700 million dollars to 1 trillion dollars. Also, football which is arguably the most popular sport in the world, generates 70% of this revenue, and is popular on sports betting sites like Betway. In fact, if you are on Betway, you can take a look at to get started.

The Top Football Gambling Tips You Need to Know

If you are looking to bet on football then here are a few tips which will set you in the right track. These tips will come in handy for both new and experienced bettors. So, here is a look and let us know what you think.

#1. Learn about football

Why are you placing a bet in the first place if you do not know anything about the sport? Before you even think of putting a chance, you should see the game and the basic rules of betting. It is common to find punters who bet for the sake of betting. If this is your strategy, then you have to be ready to lose some money. Once you know the sport, it will set you in the right place when you are betting.  

#2. Be wary of tipsters some are fraudsters

I am sure that you have come across some tipsters who promise you the best odds in the market which will ensure that you win. However, you should be aware of them because there are some who collude with bookmarkers to lie to the masses. If you are surprised by the revelation then here is how it works.

The tipsters will give you false odds so that you lose and you know that money will go to the bookmarker. You can check out an article which was done by the BBC about tipsters who get happy when you lose.

#3.  Avoid match-fixing it is illegal

Did you know that match-fixing is an offence? There are times when you can be charged. For instance, there is no professional club in sports which can take part in match-fixing. They could face severe repercussions and sanctions.

Therefore if there is anyone who is in your inbox trying to sell to you fixed matches then know that is a Scam.

#4. Understand how bookmarkers set their odds

Unless you are a maths genius, it is hard predicting how bookmarkers fix their odds. Moreover, the odds vary from one bookmaker to another.  One secret you should know is that bookmakers design the odds based on the majority of what people will think will happen. They disregard the real possibilities of the outcome of the match. So be careful about the odds which you will choose.

#5. Trust your instincts when betting

There are times when your gut is in doubt with what majority of other punters think.  Therefore trust your heart although you should back it up with facts about the match.

If you have more betting tips that you think we missed out on, let us know.

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