Football Prediction Rollover

We will like to introduce you to our low- risk winning staking system. The betting system is simple, we will bet on matches with a fixed odd say (1.5) and rollover our winnings everyday.

A simple example of how it will work is this.

  1. We start with $ 1,000 and stake on a match with 1.5 odds
  2. “WHEN” we win our $ 1,500 we stake the whole amount again on another match, we repeat the process till the 6th time. we pull out all our winnings and start from step 1, If all goes we will turn our $ 1,000 to over $ 11,390. (= 11.39 odds)

See below your winning potential using this system.

1 $ 1,000 $ 1,500
2 $ 1,500 $ 2,250
3 $ 2,250 $ 3,375
4 $ 3,375 $ 5,062
5 $ 5,062 $ 7,593
6 $ 7,593 $ 11,390
7  $ 11,390

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12 Comments on Football Prediction Rollover

  1. I have registered as a member, where will I share my 1.50odds weekly roll over that will be seen and I will start to earn.
    Please tell me how do i go by it. Thanks admin!

    • Hello,
      You can always choose the betting tip you want under the box you see 1 when you are predicting.
      Click that box and scroll through to choose the prediction of your choice.

    • To register as a guru on Confirmbets is free of charge.
      Go to
      click on Register as a guru
      fill in your details and start predicting.
      The quality of your prediction determines how much you can earn on the website.
      Log on to your account on the website
      Select the prediction category your prediction odds belong.
      Choose the country, competition and match you want to predict in their appropriate box.
      choose the betting tip you want to add and click ADD.

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