Unique Factors to Consider in Your Football Predictions

Unique Factors to Consider in Your Football Predictions


Sometimes acting on intuition and other times on verified information, football fans worldwide are inevitably dreaming of being right in their predictions. Anyway you choose to make your decision, there is bound to be a certain percent chance you are wrong.

This isn’t all that important for those football fans who like to challenge each other in a friendly bet over beer, and the casual punter should turn out just as well. On the other hand, football fans attempting to make use of their football knowledge for a profit depend on every percent of certainty they can get. In order to help them get the most of their punter experience, the following list points out to some influential factors that are often neglected by fans and punters alike.


Team News

Punters need to develop a habit of checking for news and articles related to the teams, as well as knowing the exact team members that will be playing at each respective match you decide to bet on. A key element in this regard is the team’s playmaker who is in the focus of the club – a tendency that has existed always. Learning whether this person is part of the team, absent or injured for the respective game can increase your precision significantly. You could even use the recent addition to the sportsbooks that allows you to bet on live matches, just in case you don’t get all the info before the game starts.


Player Form

The name and reputation of the football club don’t always go hand-in-hand with the current players’ form. No matter whether it is a result of poor player selection, recent events in their private lives or just a bad week, the players’ form should always have a part in your punter endeavours.


Background & Motivation

This matter is somewhat related to the previous point regarding the players’ recent form. Namely, players and whole teams can feel more or less confident when facing specific teams, especially if their own team has been known to have a certain rivalling background. Hence, a team that has performed badly overall could get the courage and strength needed to defeat their ‘archrivals’, just as much as a prime-form team could make the mistake of being overly relaxed and lose against a lower ranking football club.


Weather Conditions

The weather conditions may not be a permanent factor, but being informed about the stadium where the game is going to take place could allow you to assess their influence. Should the match take place under an open sky, you are advised to check the local weather forecast, as well as individual player and team performances under various conditions. While some may be completely unaffected, other players might get panicky or lose focus due to rain or excessive sunshine.


Game Purpose

Ultimately, a battle for the championship title is quite evidently different than the qualifications. Therefore, punters are advised to calculate the importance of the relevant game for both teams, as it is known to increase performance better than pep talk.

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