The Rapid Rise and the Continued Growth of Sports Betting

Sports betting has risen over the years to be arguably the most popular form of gambling. The rise has been due to several factors. During the break, many sports fans and punters were running out of betting options. But as sporting activity slowly returns, sports sites like Golisports are receiving a lot of traffic as punters look for betting tips. Read on to discover what has influenced this continued growth and what the future holds for sports betting.


Initially, many jurisdictions had prohibited sports betting especially online dating, due to a lack of legislative framework. However, in the recent past, there is a slow relaxation of the stringent regulations. More countries are opening up to the idea of sports betting because of the revenue the venture generates. In the US, for instance, up to 13 states have legal, regulated sports betting industries. 

The relaxation of regulations and putting in place of legislative frameworks has given sports betting providers the chance to expand their operations. Currently, punters from all over the world can legally bet on sports. 

Online Betting and Mobile Betting

The ability to bet online has taken sports betting to another level. Unlike before, when bettors had to visit their local casinos to place their bets, now they can do it remotely. As long as you have an internet connection, you can place your bets from your home. 

This convenience has attracted more people into sports betting. The majority of punters are millennials who are more tech-savvy. The online sports betting vendors continually update their platforms to make them as usable as possible to attract even punters who are not techy. 

The introduction of mobile betting contributed significantly to the rise in sports betting. Smartphone penetration across the globe is high. Sports betting companies have taken advantage of this penetration by coming up with mobile-friendly sites and mobile applications.

Online and mobile betting has also attracted more women than traditional casinos. Women can now place their bets privately on their mobile devices without having to deal with judgmental men in the brick casino. 

Rigorous Advertising and PR

Sports betting companies run very thorough and well-funded advertising and public relations activities. Their adverts promise potential users great wins by offering jackpots of millions of shillings for a certain number of correct predictions. 

To show others that the promotions are real, they parade winners weekly, receiving their hefty cheques. When current and prospective punters see that, they are motivated to try more to be the next winner. 

To woo fans, the companies have well-publicized Corporate Social Responsibility activities. For instance, they sponsor sports teams and take part in other activities within communities. This plays to the emotions of the punters who feel by betting they become part of a more significant course. 

The Future of Sports Betting

Legal sports betting is here to stay. You should expect to see the sector evolve until it fully matures. The key to future success lies in technological advancements, especially the introduction of the 5G cellular networks, which will enhance the mobile betting user experience. As more jurisdictions continue to give legal frameworks for sports betting, the future is bright for sports betting. 

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