4 Things to do When You’re Not Betting on Football

Betting on football games is a great way to make them more exciting and exhilarating, help time pass on those half-time breaks, and teach you new skills that test your patience, strategic planning, and quick thinking. However, what can you do when you’re not betting on football? This guide has got some great suggestions on what you can do to make the time pass when there aren’t any football games to make a bet on.

Play football

For those that can’t get enough of the game itself, you could always try playing it for yourself? This doesn’t have to be in a competitive nature. There are many local teams that play purely for fun. Check them out and see what fun you can get out of your weekly meet up. It will not only keep the excitement of football at the forefront, but it will also keep you fit and healthy.

When you are next watching a game, you might look at it through another perspective, and know the skill and fitness these players have takes hard work and dedication. 

Put those skills to good use

All those skills that you gained from betting on football can be put to good use in other ways. For those that have developed their quick thinking and strategic planning, you can transfer these skills to other forms of entertainment, such as poker, and have a bit of fun! Enter in Unibet poker tournaments, and you can sharpen up your skills ready for the next time you place a bet. Try to outwit your competition, and it will surely give you the same exhilarating feeling you get from betting on the football matches. 

Brush up on your knowledge

Even if you’re not betting on a football at the moment, there’s nothing to stop you from brushing up your knowledge a little bit more. Teach yourself both about the game of football itself and discover more about your team than you ever knew before. However, why not read also take the time to read up on the different football betting terms and understand how the bookies decide the odds?

This will ensure that by the time you start betting again, you are putting yourself in a better position by the time you start placing bets on your favourite teams!

Why not try another sport?

Football may be your passion, but there are so many sports out there that will provide you with a similar experience when betting or simply watching the sport. If you prefer contact sports, rugby is a popular choice that many football fans love just as much! So why not check this out?


Football and betting might go hand in hand for you, and so when you are not doing either, you might feel a little lost. However, there are plenty of different ways that you can spend your time that can both feel productive and good for you and yet still keep the excitement of the game alive. Start by doing one of the above ideas, and see what it can bring you!

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