Predictive methods in cricket betting

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Cricket is one of the most interesting sports when it comes to betting. Wagers on cricket matches have given rise to a multi-billion dollar market. This marketplace is further growing every day and is now considered one of the biggest in the world. With the IPL 2020 season just around the corner, the sport of cricket deserves more consideration also outside its traditional countries.

Along with increased popularity within the betting sphere, the demand for good match prediction models follows. Cricket is one of the more complex sports to forecast because of the many rules and regulations that you must consider. Several factors influence the chance that a specific event will take place during a game.

To make accurate game estimations is not just difficult for the cricket bettors, it also causes headaches for bookmakers and their responsible odds compilers. Up till now, cricket odds given by sportsbooks online have not proved to be as price efficient as their counterparts in other big sports.

The providers are constantly developing new cricket prediction models with more accurate probability outputs. But are they keeping up with some of their customers, the professional cricket bettors? We are not too sure that they do.

There are still prominent anomalies to be exploited when comparing bookmaker odds rates and the true probabilities represented by the same odds. One tipster portal has been particularly successful in enforcing today’s match prediction with Criclytics. The dilemma which has haunted bookmakers since the beginning appears to have been overcome by the tipsters at

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To become a long term winner from placing cricket wagers it is essential to learn how to account for the historical data for both players and teams. Particularly important is the past performance of batsmen and bowlers that are going to participate in the game you are evaluating. Furthermore, the weather also plays an important role when making your bet decisions. Rain affects the ground and makes it more difficult for the batting team to score runs. Also, don’t forget to follow the latest team news. The final result in a cricket game is often highly dependent on how the best players are performing during the match. A late injury to a key player before the match starts will result in a significant correction to the projected game results.

With the growing popularity of cricket, more participants are entering the cricket betting market every day. Along with more market players, also new technology enters. To be able to solve the puzzle and master the art of criclytics will be very profitable. An obstacle has always been how to effectively create a prediction model that adjusts for statistics coming from various cricket match formats. While bookmakers and other tipster sites are still struggling to solve the rebus, the team behind the site Cricketprediction has shown that it’s not impossible.

Cricket betting enthusiasts can look forward to an interesting 2020. While online betting sites are expanding their match coverage by offering punter more odds markets, they simultaneously boosting the interest for the cricket sport at the same time.

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