Betting Tips for Beginners’

Has anyone mentioned betting to you? Are you looking for a new source of income? Do you need betting tips for beginners? If you are new to betting, how do you plan to not lose a fortune to the bookies? What strategies have you been advised to implement? How much are you planning to use as any initial investment? Do you have an addictive nature?

All these questions and more are what you need to ask yourself. You need to have the answers before moving forward with your plan. We have written six of the best tips you need if you plan to bet as a form of income:

Don’t Gamble, Invest instead

Betting should be viewed as an investment and thus decision taken is supposed to be made on sound research and analysis. So many people find themselves losing so much money because so many gambles. They see a match and side with the underdog and even when they choose the favourite, many fail to check the history of some of the matches they bet on.

The rush so many people get from betting has so many losing more money than they win if they ever do. Many punters are addicted to betting without realising it and that plays into the bookies’ plan. They end up in debt or worse because they are greedy or going about it the wrong way. Any bet meant to be placed should be well looked into before money is placed on it.

Stake Wisely

A certain amount of money should be budgeted to start betting. A preferably small amount of money of which you are willing to lose without affecting yourself or the lifestyle you live. This actually lets you know your way around what odds means and how it affects the tickets you play. These odds are also indicative of how a match will go but are not foolproof as things happen differently a lot from what odds indicate. A small stake to start your journey is advisable to avoid getting in trouble financially. to learn more about odds and what to do about it, read this interesting article.


In addition to staking wisely in small amounts, it is also very good to keep an account of the profits and losses one incurs at all times to know when to increase one’s stake or leave betting altogether when one sees it is not favourable. Betting isn’t for everyone and one must know when to stop or seek the help of professional tipsters.

Single Bets, Don’t Accumulate

This might be the most important of the betting tips for beginners in this article because this will save you a lot of heartaches. A person staking on a single game with a fixed amount has a higher chance of winning a bet than someone that accumulates. So many lose because they accumulate matches trying to win millions. The probability of winning any Acca ticket decreases with every match included in that accumulator ticket. Bookmakers actually like it when punters accumulate because the chances of winning that ticket are slim to none. Some manage it but at great cost to themselves after losing so many times.

Analysis and Research

Adequate research needs to be carried out on every betting tips for beginners who plans to stake on it. Important statistics like the head to head record and team form of individual teams need to be checked to know more before staking on a particular game. For the best reference to get all this information check out sofascore. There you will find important statistics that will aid in making a more enlightened decision.

A bit of Luck

A percentage of luck is also needed to win sometimes on betting tips for beginners because of outside influences. A sound bet based on statistics gathered by research helps with the guarantee of winning to a degree. But as we all know, football is full of uncertainties. Things not foreseen can occur but 8 times out of 10 facts about a football match will prevail.

All these tips will aid in you winning steadily at a low rate but it means you reduce your chance of losing. You can also try out our free bets here on

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