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Nigeria is a large economy where ideas and innovations that are marketable to its populations yield positive results. Many businesses thrive in the economy because of the sheer size and openness of its populace to new things. Betting is one such idea or innovation which has enriched the pockets of many punters’ and bookmakers alike. Betting in Nigeria is now a source of real income for those who understand some of the basics. You too can move from being a novice to a professional in a matter of weeks with the right information. There are now so many, one might be forgiven for been lost about where to start or the bookmaker to stick with.

Bookmakers’ Profit from Betting in Nigeria

The rise of bookmaking companies in Nigeria is something that most didn’t see coming, and many have benefited from it. Shops are now open where people make their living as agents of sport betting sites. Punters who are not good with predictions rely on the help of experts thereby creating another market. Prediction sites are what so many uses to make extra cash, which has been made possible because they place bets on sports and casinos to win.

Statistics have shown that betting in Nigeria involves virtually every youth in the country. Either they bet currently or they were at some point in their lives when it just arrived. So many are lost looking for the right bookmakers and as a result of that, we have removed the workload involved by giving you the updated list of new betting sites in Nigeria. Different strategies are implemented when placing bets on sports events. Many still don’t understand how to go about getting continuous cash from winning bets. This is why some have turned to confirmbets to make the cash they want with minimal fuss.

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Most Popular Bet Types

There are different varieties of betting types that are offered on the bookmakers’ platform ranging into the hundreds. There are some that have become popular due to the fact that punters place bets on those betting types more often than not. The most popular of those betting types are the GoalGoal (both teams to score), home win, away win, double chance, over/under market, etc. These are areas punters can confidently get predictions if they are not very proficient in choosing bets to stake on. They can be also be guaranteed profits from these predictions.  Punters both professionals and amateurs can find sure predictions and betting tips for Nigerian players with detailed analysis as to why the predictions were chosen and the probability of it winning.

The predictions are free and can be accessed on the homepage of the website every day. You can get more prediction tips at two wonderful sites through this link and also here. Betting in Nigeria is very lucrative when a punter goes about it in the right manner and approach. To see the best odds on the internet you should see this page. No registration or subscription is needed and bookmarking it really helps. We encourage feedback and suggestions and we can be reached through various means by our users. We have a live chat section on the website page where users can speak to our customer representative. Also, we can be reached on Whatsapp or through phone calls on this number +2348105133837. We can also be reached through emails at

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