Top 10 Football Betting Tips and Advice

Want to win big bucks betting on football? Join the line with Betway. You can bet with Betway anytime you want, and on your favorite sports. However, we will be only taking a look at the top football betting tips on Betway here.

Here is a quick betting guide that’ll give you an edge over the other bettors.

  1. Know how bookmakers work

Figureheads in the game of gambling, a bookmaker can be an online site taking on bets or a real-world person. For every successful bet you make, they get a cut referred to as ‘margin’. Learning how bookies operate can help you in the long run.

  • Be fluent with the lingo

Say, for instance, you see a bet and it says,” Team A -0.8 DNB”. You cannot sit there wondering what on earth is a DNB?

If you are not familiar with the term, you won’t know how to bet. There are lots of terms and phrases that the punters use. Sure, you will get them along the way, but it is better to know them prior to getting involved with bets. 

  • Analyze carefully

Before diving in, make a thorough analysis of the scene. Professional bettors account for several factors that may affect the game’s outcome.

  • Oversee your emotions

Don’t let a series of misjudged games put you down. Find the best strategy and always avoid placing wild bets. Don’t be biased. Okay, you’re from Sunderland but the team is awful. Be sensible and bet on the better team or be ready to say goodbye to your hard-earned cash.

  • Study betting odds 

In the American betting system, odds are represented using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ signs. The plus sign is for favorites and the minus sign is for underdogs. The odds are calculated on how much a bettor must bet to win a hundred dollars. For example, team A might have the odds +250 while the underdogs sit at -150. In this case, you must bet $150 to win $100 tallying to $250.  

  • Value betting

It simply means that the bookmakers aren’t always correct. If you accurately predict when an unfavorable team may sneak in, beating all the odds, winning big is the aftermath.

  • Handicap Betting

The European Handicap (EH) involves giving the team destined to lose an edge before the game begins. Thus, making the odds more even and competitive for the two teams.

  • Be realistic

Betting’s a huge risk, that’s a given. Often, the punters end up losing a lot of money especially beginners. It is advised to set achievable goals to avoid disappointment.

  • Set a budget

Remember, at any time placing bets is a big risk and it is more likely that you will lose. Decide how much you’re prepared to put at a risk and don’t go overboard.

  • Don’t get overconfident

This simple quality has destroyed many bettors. After the sweet taste of victory in a few matches, beginners may get carried away. To keep your money in your pocket, it is important that your feet are placed firmly on the ground.

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