Fixed games: Are they real?

Questions to ask yourself about fixed games

If you ever wondered if fixed games are real as so many others before you, it is. Virtually everyone who bets is in search of accurate football predictions with 100% winning accuracy. Hence, the search for fixed games which are only available for a select few who themselves are the orchestrators. If you’ve ever been called or contacted by some bloke claiming to sell fixed matches, it’s a scam. Ask yourself some pertinent questions such as:

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  • If he has the fixed game(s), why isn’t he staking all he has on the game of which there is zero chance of loss.
  • There are penalties if such information gets out, so why would the fixers give out such information. A piece of information to be spread on public platforms such as Facebook and Telegram. These are ways in which such information can be easily intercepted and the parties involved banned and fined.
  • Also assuming the match he claims is fixed is real how did he get the information. How did such a “need to know” information gets out that virtually anyone has access to it?.

Fixed games are real and that is a simple truth. But what isn’t true is the fact it isn’t as rampant these scammers have led you to believe. The risk involved is too much for the players/parties involved to let the public in on it. These specific matches are closely held secrets, so don’t let that nobody deceive you into parting with your money.

The truth about fixed games

You might ask then what about those who claim to have received fixed games and it won? Well, you might favour believing them after seeing a few results but the truth is that you’re being duped. There’s a system some of them use when deceiving gullible gamblers. They do so by giving a third of their customers home win prediction in a particular game. Give another third an away win prediction then the last customers’ are given the draw prediction. So it doesn’t matter the outcome of the said match a third of those customers see the person supplying that game as a real outlet of fixed games.

Another day and the same system is put into place to trick the third who won in the first place. Then again a third of the remaining customers will get another home win prediction. While another the away to win prediction and the last third the draw prediction. Which pretty much covers the bases and keeps a third of those customers hooked.

After winning two separate times in a row from a carefully orchestrated scheme. From someone claiming to have fixed games, they believe wholeheartedly that the person is for real. Not knowing they are just the positive outcome of an experiment being carried out by some skilled scammer. If he asks a higher fee for the next round of fixed games being handed out they do so willingly. With them winning already from two previous predictions most people are ready to borrow to send the money. They do so with false evidence before realising they had been duped. Still, some believe the games are real and go looking for other authentic fixed games suppliers. Not knowing that all are frauds and get themselves into more debt because they are hooked.

Things to think about

The thing is that most scammers play on people’s intelligence and end up winning because they are smart. They make people believe in their lie and use it to collect their money. Why would players and secret societies who are involved in match-fixing knowing the repercussions let such a piece of information spread to the general public? The players and the teams involved in such a scandal and the individuals are all fined and banned. If caught because match-fixing is illegal. So why would anyone with access to such information post it on Facebook or Twitter? Where such information can be easily intercepted and traced back to its origin?

Another strategy used by fixed games scammers:

When next anybody claims to have access to fixed games and demand you pay before or after playing the game, know the person is a liar. Another way they use to dupe people is to give out all nine outcomes of the HT/FT to various people. This is done at random knowing full well that one of them will be correct.

Fixed games/HT/FT


So many people are desperate to make money with betting they lose sight of obvious signs. The search for accurate football predictions has led punters alike to search for fixed games in the wrong places. This leads to them getting swindled by scammers. The best option is to avoid paying these people and not risk losing your money. Better yet you can subscribe to a prediction website where you can make enquiries before paying for their services. To read more on the issue you can click here. Remember to join us on to get the best football tips from professionals all over the world.

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