More US states legalize online gambling

As the days go by, online gambling steadily grows in the world. This much-explored industry continues to take the world by storm. American online casinos are also steadily heading to the forefront of the gambling society nowadays than ever. There will also be tremendous development in the online gambling industry in the US as well. Casino slot reviews have shown that the future of gambling rests on taking the games online. There is also a huge possibility of an increase in revenue streams for the states that legalize online gambling.

There is still a lot of progress to be made in the online gambling scene in the US towards making it legal. While certain states have legalized online gambling and casino activity, some states are just getting on the scene. It is worthy of note at this point that not all forms of online gambling are legally acceptable in the states which have legalized online gambling. But, some states like New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Nevada allow online gambling in addition to making online poker activities legal.

Legal online sports bets can be experienced in the states of West Virginia, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Pennsylvania but other legal online casino niches are limited to just the states listed above but a good number of other states are on the move towards legalizing online casino gambling.

New Jersey legalized online gambling since 2013 in the forms of online casino, online sports betting and online poker. The state is currently the largest market for regulated online gambling in the US. It has over a dozen licensed and legal online casino sites, poker rooms, who all compete for an overall market that is worth more than $225 million annually, and online sports and sportsbook apps which are live in the state. The New Jersey online casino has revenues that have reached an upwards of $200 million.

Pennsylvania has joined the lists of states that legalized online gambling in the US. Online sports betting began in the state in May 2019 with online casinos set to launch in July 2019. The forms of online gambling available in the state are online poker, online casino and online sports betting. Going live in July 2019, online wagering of all types will be available. This has led to most of the major casinos within the state to launch their online gambling websites to take advantage of this new progress in legalisation.

West Virginia legalized a partial launch in 2018. With the different forms of gambling available such as online casino, online sports book, online poker. There already exists within the state online sports betting apps which came to be due to the law passed in 2018. However, online poker and casinos are soon to join the fold with the enactment of the West Virginia Lottery Interactive Wagering Act which has opened up the state to online casinos and online poker games till 2020. 

Which States might be next in line to legalize online gambling in the US?

New York– the state might have had Native American casinos and racetracks with video lottery terminals for a very long time, but it wasn’t till the end of 2016 that the first commercial casinos opened its doors in New York. There is still on ongoing legal battle to legalized online gambling casinos in the state and there has been progress towards achieving this in the area of online poker where that state passed legislation two years in a row. The problem faced by the state is the financial struggles of the commercial casinos that have opened within its borders. This has led to a legalization of online gambling facing a steep hill as most lawmakers feel it will further saturate the market. The good news is sports betting seem to be doing well in the state and this raises the possibility that online poker might follow behind.

Illinois– this state is the closest to legalizing online gambling. This is largely due to the sports betting success. Although lawmakers have been in a battle to legalize online gambling in the state for quite some time, there is hope in the horizon that online casinos, online poker will soon be legal in Illinois.

Indiana– this is the top candidate that introduced online sports betting in 2019. The next to follow will be online casino gambling and online poker. The state is poised at authorizing other forms of gambling as the state has made the positive strides in the area of online gambling through the legalization of sports betting.

Massachusetts–  although relatively new to the world of legal and regulated gambling, the state tried and fought for years to keep Native American casinos out of its borders, it has in recent years passed legislations which has seen the rise in casino activity in the state. Online gambling, however, is another thing. Although it has been part of the conversation in politics within the state, progress has only been seen in the area of sports betting. So, there is hope for online casino gambling and online poker to closely follow.

Michigan– there has been a passage of online gambling bill in the state of Michigan. It covers casino gambling, sports betting and poker. Although, this bill was vetoed by the Governor of the state, it shows significant progress towards the legalization of online gambling. Therefore, Michigan takes the lead in states that sooner rather than later will legalize online casino gambling.

New Hampshire– this state already has an existing online lottery program and it is steadily moving towards a plan to bring sports betting online. There is, therefore, a great chance that online casinos will follow if the initiative of online sports betting goes through.

So, there is light at the end of the tunnel for more states that push for the legalization of online gambling. Other states are bound to follow in their footsteps when they see the various benefits to making online gambling legal within the state.

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