The New Confirmbets For Gurus

Hello esteemed Gurus and Experts, we hope you are warming your hands for the new season. We have been listening to your feedback and have started implementation of many of your recommendations and suggestions. Thank you for your continuous support and loyalty.

Some of the new features that will be coming with the new Confirmbets website includes:

Change of 5 Odds Challenge to 4 Odds Challenge

We have closely followed our competition results and have noticed the 5 Odds column usually has poor results. This makes it difficult for users and subscribers to use these predictions to make winning bets. We have therefore decided to change the competition from 5 Odds challenge to 4 Odds challenge to enable our Gurus and experts provide better and less risky accumulators for Confirmbets users and subscribers.

New Payment System

We have upgraded our payment model to ensure Confirmbets subscribers get the best value for their money while also ensuring top performing gurus get rewarded for their effort.

We are going to maintain our existing sharing formula which is

40% for Experts/Gurus

20% for Marketing, Upgrades, Data, Support and Management

40% for Confirmbets.

Guru plans

We have retained the existing model for Guru plan which is to simple award 40% of Guru fee to the Guru.

Basic and VIP plans

We will no longer manually assign Basic and VIP subscribers to random verified gurus. This model had many issues with many of our subscribers complaining of long loss runs by their selected gurus.

We have reconfigured our system to automatically select top-performing Guru predictions in our weekly competition. This will ensure our system sends the best set of predictions to subscribers on our platform always.

Our sharing formula for top performing guru per category (1.5, 2.5, 4 Odds)

  • First Position = 30%
  • Second Position = 25%
  • Third Position = 20%
  • Fourth Position = 15%
  • Fifth Position = 10%

If you will like to see a breakdown and example of how the money will be shared. CLICK HERE

Predicting below the required odds

We have noticed experts predicting below the odds specified for a category, this is an unacceptable behaviour and affects the morale of other Confirmbets users and experts. We have decided to act on this with a ban penalty.

We will now flag and penalize experts who predict accumulators below the required odds. Flagging automatically means

  • You will be disqualified from participating in the competition for that week.
  • You will forfeit all payments you were supposed to receive for your predictions.

If you are flagged 3 times, you will be banned from predicting on Confirmbets forever and your account will be disabled.

Timing of Predictions

At Confirmbets we continuously strive to provide the best for our users and subscribers, this means we need to find a balance in serving both users and experts of the platform.

Due to continuous complaints from users and subscribers of Confirmbets we have decided to set a time cap to when experts are expected to drop their daily predictions.

All Gurus/Experts are required to predict before 7:30 am GMT i.e. (8:30 am Nigerian Time).

Failure to comply will mean the expert has forfeited all payments from the daily pot of that day.

Including Bet-codes

Bet-codes make it easier for subscribers to play and verify expert predictions, we have therefore decided to reward expert who include bet-codes in their predictions.

Only experts who include bet-codes in their predictions will receive full payment for their daily predictions.

We understand some of these rules will affect some guru’s effectiveness, we will like you to bear with us as these are rules created for a better-organized future for us all.

We will be happy to hear any feedback on suggestions you have concerning these updates, please leave a comment below and we will respond as soon as possible.

From all of us at Confirmbets, we wish all our experts a blissful season ahead.


12 Comments on The New Confirmbets For Gurus

  1. please this is one of your gurus. i will appreciate it if you can extend the timing of predictions to 9.30 in the morning it will help us make better predictions.

    • Hi Emeka, we really wish we could do that but we need to send out predictions early to users so they have enough time to pay the games. before the matches start. We really hope you can try predicting the night before or try to drop the predictions early enough.

  2. Starting this week,
    The big league season has started.
    In fact, most of the picksters
    It’s a trend to pick on your majors.
    Everyone is in charge of picking up and practically speaking to users
    If you give us useful information
    Gur will flourish.

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