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Home win free football tips

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We strive to give the best of service to our clients and readers. Today, we bring you the free football tips of the day. Something to get you in the mood as the FIFA World cup progress.

The gurus handpicked each of the Predictions. Don’t miss out on the latest football prediction on the Leagues across the world today, go to Confirmbets today.

Selections of each game are done after a careful research and analysis along with consideration for other related matters that could affect the outcome of a game (e.g if the star player of a team is available, the importance of the game to the teams involve etc.). Learn more about soccer betting outcomes.

These free football tips are offered in three categories. Our tipsters are doing wonderfully well in this betting tips categories and a lot of money are won from bookmakers in this categories.

   Over 1.5 goals free soccer prediction

Home win free football tips

soccer prediction in the Over 1.5 goals category means we are predicting the match to end with a minimum of 2 goals scored by the end of 90 minutes; Go here to learn more about outcomes of soccer betting tips. Our football predictions experts are very thorough when it comes to research and analysis of over 1.5 goals games. In essence, our clients have been putting there trust in the experts for more than two years and we are still going strong.

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     Home Win free football betting tips

Home win free football tips

Free football tips in the Home win category are predicting the home team to win the match by the end of ninety minutes. Base on this, Our experts gives us the best free football predictions available for the day.

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   Over 2.5 goals free football tips

Over 2.5 free football tips

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Football predictions under Over 2.5 goals category simply mean we are predicting a minimum of 3 goals will be scored before the end of 90 minutes in this matches. The teams listed are high scoring teams in their different leagues.

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