Best bet to win the FIFA World Cup 2018 – Argentina?

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The most watched sports event is beginning in June 2018 – yes you guessed it the FIFA World Cup. Can you believe that it has already been four years since we witnessed the young German sensation Mario Gotze fire an extra time winner against Argentina to help his side win the world cup.

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Germany and Argentina last tournaments finalists will be in the running for the win again this year, however Germany have the better odds as they won their qualifying group and Argentina really struggled in their qualifying rounds.

Argentina do still have some of the best players in the world representing them with the likes of Lionel Messi, who needs no introduction. He has graced the world with his awesome skills and brilliant footballing ability for years now. He has won every honour there is, except for the FIFA World Cup. At the age of 30 years old, he is still in his prime and will know that this may be the best chance he has of winning the illustrious competition. Many pundits say that the only thing that separates Lionel Messi from the great Diego Maradona is that Maradona was able to get his hands on the beautiful golden trophy. Messi will believe in his ability but it is the ability and mentality of many of his team mates that will be the issue. The Argentinians have so often been tipped by the bookies as favourites and when it comes to big competition bets they are always up there with the best odds, however in the last couple of decades they have failed to perform in the big matches and people have begun questioning the players mentalities.

The attacking players in the Argentinian squad should have no issues in finding the back of the net, with players such as Messi, Di Maria and Aguero who will lead the attack. There are goals galore in that attack, however the issue comes when you look at the defence, they have Otamendi and Fazio in the centre of the defence and although both players are solid and world class defenders and playing for top sides they are always prone to dropping in concentration for one second and giving their opponents an opportunity. The problem is that against world class strikers, these slight errors could cost them big time. Sergio Romero is a great goal keeper and he is currently playing second fiddle to the world class David De Gae, however with minimal time in goals and minimal playing time, how ready will he be in the heat of the moment come the world cup. I believe Argentina will get as far as the Semi Finals and no further this year due to their fragile defence.

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