Premier League goals; Higher or lower?

Strikers are a club’s most valuable asset, as they are the main goal scoring threat which can be the difference between one and three points. Fans of Premier League clubs have been fortunate enough to watch some of the most talented strikers ever play for and against their team.

Strikers like Sergio Aguero are the envy of many fans as along with his City team mates me has made a bet on the Premier League title almost redundant. Whether or not City can go the whole season undefeated has yet to be seen, however having already won away at Manchester United and Chelsea, arguably their hardest two fixtures, it is understandable that people would back them.

Many fans are talking about this City team and how they could become the greatest ever, thanks in part to the leadership of manager Pep Guardiola who has managed to bring his exciting brand of football to the Premier League.

While the top of the table is looking more and more certain to be a City title victory, the bottom of the table is a lot more open. Predictions on the Premier League 2018 before it began did not predict West Ham to be in a relegation scrap and Burnley challenging for a place in the top six, however both clubs have managed to defy the odds.

We have taken a look at some Premier League players and created a higher or lower quiz based on the number of goals they scored while playing in England’s top flight. Try it out and see if you know your stats.

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