What Football Bettors Can Learn from a Tried and Tested Roulette System

By 2020, the value of the global iGaming market, which includes online betting, casino games, poker and more, is forecasted to increase to 59.79 billion dollars. Online gambling is proving to be an attractive option to punters, owing to its convenience and the special offers which are sometimes exclusively available to those who choose to do their betting online. Most hardened veterans will already have their own methods and systems which they swear by regardless of their game of choice. However, if one chooses to look deep enough, there are overlapping features within some markets, which allows the punter to successfully transpose their methods. In fact, both roulette and correct score football betting enjoy a relationship which makes this possible, and here is why.

Roulette Strategies are Plentiful

According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB), the popularity of roulette has been in the ascendancy since around 2016, with the win rate increasing 58.87% in the state of Nevada alone in February 2017. The popularity of roulette has spawned many varieties of the game led to many different tried and tested methods and systems being developed over the years. While there are a number of effective ways to give the best possible chance of a decent return, the most popular and most transferable with regards to correct score betting is the Martingale Method, with various books available on sites such as Amazon exploring the particularities of the system. The basic premise of the Martingale betting system is to double your bet after a loss and ultimately make back more than you lose when all is said and done. The idea behind the method is that the statistical probability of your color or number arriving increases after every losing bet and so by the time your desired outcome occurs, your stake will be big enough to recoup your losses and hopefully make a tidy profit. The only downside to this system with regards to online betting is that the site you’re betting on may well employ a maximum stake rule, meaning you can’t always increase your stake. However, the more you use this system, the better the feel you have for what outcome you’re looking for and so experience, patience and discipline is vital when employing this method.

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Correct Score Betting in Football

The beautiful game has risen to even higher levels of popularity in recent years, thanks to US taking a more active interest in the game. As this article by ESPN explains, the Premier League in particular has grown to be the most popular league in the world since its inception in 1992 and as a result, it is also one of the most lucrative markets in terms of football betting. Correct score betting is currently extremely popular with many punters owing to the high odds offered by many bookmakers. While predicting a correct score may seem extremely difficult on paper, there is often a method to the madness and the systems employed in roulette betting can be of great benefit to those who are looking to earn a tidy profit in the football betting market.


The principle behind the Martingale system in particular is easily transferrable to football betting and this is evidenced by the various betting related blogs which recommend its usage in the the correct score footballing market. With regards to the game of football, there are far more variables than in the game of roulette but this is often reflected in the substantially attractive odds which are offered as opposed to the evens offered by casinos for betting on red and black for example.  With that being said, a little bit of research will go a long way when it comes to correct score betting. Once you have decided upon your desired result, the strategy is to continually bet on this score whilst progressively increasing your stake in the same way that you would with the game of roulette. While roulette and other casino games will often employ a maximum stake, the only limit with regards to football betting are your own reserves.


The Proof is in the Proverbial Pudding

The premise of most betting-related activity is high risk with high reward. However, with regards to correct score betting within football, you can easily make a good amount of money whilst staking very little due to the fact that the odds offered by most bookmakers are extremely generous. The correct score market is massively underrated in this regard and by employing methods similar to those used in roulette, you could give yourself an advantage.

Of course, the Martingale method isn’t the only way to do this but it’s up to you to do your own research and find the system which works best for you. Familiarity with the market is a particularly useful tool when it comes to football betting so working within a league which you’re comfortable with will often yield the best results. When it comes to roulette, punters have been successfully using these methods since around the 18th century and they have stood the test of time for a reason. The rest is up to you.

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