The Martingale Staking Method


Martingale 2 odds

Invented in 18th century in France, Used in Roulette, but can be used in sports betting as well. This is generally for people with deep pockets. To start this we’ll need to have a minimum of like 100,000. You won’t be staking all at once but you would be increasing your stakes every time you lose. So for example:

If you start with 100,000.

100,000 = 50,000. Level 6

50,000/2 = 25,000.  Level 5

25,000/2 = 12,500.  Level 4

12,500/2 = 6,250.  Level 3

6,250/2 = 3,125.  Level 2

3,125/2 = 1,562  Level 1

We start by staking from level 1.

The rule is simple, for every time you lose, you stake the next level and every time you win you go back and start staking from level 1. This method is banking on the fact that we don’t lose 6 times in a roll.

Please remember depending on the currency you work with the amount maybe different. This is purely for reference purposes.

You will notice that for every-time you win at any level you make back all the money you lost plus a profit.

Please remember the our golden rule “DON’T STAKE WHAT YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO LOSE”

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