Which Staking Method Would You Like Us To Use

Hi All,

So it’s been a while we have done any soccer prediction posts, this is mainly because we’ve been discussing day and night on the best staking method to use in our next series of daily odds. which-method

So we have come up with 3 solutions and we’ll like to know which one you want us to do.

Method 1 – We continue 1.2 odds rollover.

You are already familiar with this staking method so we don’t need to go into details for this one. Click here to learn more. Very low risk games but it takes longer to make any money and if things don’t go well consecutively you loose a lot of money. You can start this with as low as 2k.

Method 2 – We rollover 1.4 odds

This is very similar to 1.2 odds rollover, but with this we double our money after every two wins. Consecutive losses in this you can make the money back in 2 wins. You can start this with ad low as 2k.

Method 3 – Martingale 2 odds

This is generally for people with deep pockets. To start this we’ll need to have a minimum of like 100k. You won’t be staking all at once but you would be increasing your stakes every time you lose. So for example:

If you start with 100k.

100,000 = 50,000. Level 6

50,000/2 = 25,000.  Level 5

25,000/2 = 12,500.  Level 4

12,500/2 = 6,250.  Level 3

6,250/2 = 3,125.  Level 2

3,125/2 = 1,562  Level 1

We start by staking from level 1.

The rule is for every time you lose you stake the next level. And for every time you win you go back and start staking from level 1. This method is banking on the fact that we don’t lose 6 times in a roll.

You will notice that for Everytime you win at any level you make back all the money you lost plus a profit.

That’s it guys. So please comment and let us know which one you feel we should work with and always remember we do soccer predictions don’t fall victims to fake fixed match scam. We love you all. God bless you.

17 Comments on Which Staking Method Would You Like Us To Use

  1. I think method 3 will be the best. It’s not possible we loose even 3 times in a roll. And if we do, we can recover 2 times of it all. Nice one. Let’s start soon.

  2. method two please…start wit 2k and with 1.4 odd..after 7days of the week..we catch in 20k..1.4 odd daily..its viable…pls lets work with this one..cant wait to start

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